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 The project “Forgotten Dogs” uses music as a stylistic device to create a symbiosis between artists and listeners who position themselves against the suffering of animals, the destruction of nature and the lack of respect for our planet and life in general.

The project is published digitally via DogCoach Media platforms as well as other platforms, such as iTunes, Spotify, Deezer, Emusic, Amazon and YouTube. That way, each possible well-earned cent can go towards benefitting animal and nature conservation.

The following releases will be compilations, which will ideally be published annually. At least six musical contributions from different artists are required for a compilation.

The artist/label may provide one or more tracks for the project or just for a compilation. The submitted song (wav.-format) should either directly or indirectly be related to the project, encompassing topics such as animals, nature, the environment or human beings. The tracks can also be instrumental. They are allowed to have been published before.

Every submitted track will be published exclusively on digital platforms at first. The decision about whether to produce a music video lies with DogCoach Media, who will be in close consultation with the musician/label. The frame and video design will also be done in close consultation and cooperation with all parties involved.

The production and publishing costs, including marketing, PR and the like, will be financed by the project partners. These partners are acquired from the industry as well as independent organizations. However, the cooperation partners must be suitable for the project theme. The type of cooperation is not defined. Funds, including material resources, can be provided. Any kind of support is welcome.

Publications and revenues are managed by the external Rebeat Music Digital distribution. All project numbers are kept transparent, both for the artist/label and the cooperation partners. All parties involved have a say as to which organizations/institutions will eventually be provided funding. A payout will be made annually!